10 Awesome Websites to Get Free Online Education

More colleges are offering free online education courses to help working students reach their career goals.  By enrolling in an online course, one gets leeway to schedule his studies and work so that neither one of them gets disrupted.


Below are the best resources for free online college courses.


1. Udemy

Udemy + free online education

Although most of the courses on Udemy are offered for a price ranging from $9 to $500, you may find its list of free courses interesting.  Some of its free online courses include Online Technology and Business, Web Hosting 101, Email Marketing, Adwords 101, and SEO for Content Creators, among others.


2. University of the People

University of the People


Due to the university’s limited funds, University of the People can only afford to offer two bachelor’s degree programs at this time.  These available courses are Business Administration and Computer Science.  However, enrolling in this online university guarantees true learning experience, as it offers weekly assignments and exams apart from the lectures in video and audio formats.  


3. University of California at Berkeley

University of California at Berkeley


Find University of California’s highly in demand courses here and enroll for free.  The website offers lectures for Biology, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Agriculture, and Economics among other courses.  All discussions are presented in video and audio formats.



4. Stanford Engineering Everywhere

Stanford Engineering Everywhere


If you have a penchant for designing and building things, then check out Stanford Engineering Everywhere.  SEE specializes in engineering, so it offers a range of courses that will prepare one for a career in this area.  Some of the free college programs that are available here and worth considering are Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Linear Systems and Optimization.


5. Open Yale Courses

Open Yale Courses


Yale University gives everyone free access to about 50 of its online courses.  The lectures, exams, and syllabus for each course are made available in video formats.   Yale’s faculty prepared everything that is presented on their website, so you’ll be learning exactly what is being taught in the classrooms of Yale.


6. MIT Open Course Ware

MIT Open Course Ware


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the first colleges to offer free online education through its website.  MIT offers 2,150 courses.  Lectures for each course and subject are presented in video and audio formats, plus the website has also designed online textbooks to serve as reference.


7. iEducate



Looking for free online education? Sign up at iEducate using your e-mail or Facebook account.  Once you’re registered, you can now use this website to look for and compare universities.  iEducate offers free courses from the world’s most prestigious universities such as Stanford, University of Notre Dame, and Yale University.


8. The Top Online College Courses and Colleges

The Top Online College Courses and Colleges


Choose over 500 free bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs at this online hub.  Choosing a school to enroll in is fast and easy on this website.  Simply type your college degree level and course into the boxes that will appear on your computer monitor, then a list of the world’s top universities will appear.  All lectures are made available in video and audio formats.


9. Udacity



At Udacity, you are assured of quality high school, college, or advanced education from the world’s top institutions.  The website’s educators are a combination of professors from renowned universities, seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, and Google’s geniuses.  In addition to this, the website has a user-friendly interface that one can access to get all the information he needs.


10. Academic Earth

Academic Earth

At Academic Earth, you will find an array of free online classes from world-renowned universities such as the following:


Harvard University – It offers 17 free online courses such as Computer Science, Computer Graphics and GPU Programming, and Liberal Arts among others.


University of California, Berkeley – It offers 67 courses with Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits leading the roster.


Stanford University – With 161 free courses available online, there is no doubt you’ll find your choice here.  Enroll yourself in Astrobiology, Computer Science, Commercial Banking and Technology, or any course that suits your inclinations and career plans.


Your Turn

Where do you plan to acquire your college degree?  If you know of other websites that offer free online education courses, we would love to hear about them.

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