America’s 10 Prettiest College Campuses

While the art and architecture of a college may be the last thing on your mind when you pick your college, it may be something to think about. Research has shown that a suitable campus environment can have a great impact on your academics and education. Some of the best colleges in the USA have some of the best environments and boast some great architecture.

Here are some of the prettiest college campuses in America:


10. Florida Southern College, FL


If you are an architecture buff and have decided to make it your passion in life, consider Florida Southern College. This campus has some of the earliest works of American architect/interior designer Frank Lloyd Wright. It also doesn’t hurt that this campus is located between Orlando and Tampa in sunny Florida.


9. Furman University, SC:

Furman University

Looking for a taste of the East in the West? Well, Furman University’s campus is inspired by Eastern Buddhist design as seen in several Asian-inspired buildings on its campus. The peaceful atmosphere of the campus also enhances and complements the Oriental architecture well. This Asian influence and the peaceful atmosphere of this university make it one of the prettiest college campuses in the US.


8. Cornell University, NY:

Cornell University

Along with stellar education, this small Ivy League university in upstate NY features some iconic architectural buildings, complemented with stellar landscaping and a great location. Housed within these iconic buildings are some wonderful paintings, drawings, and lithography studios. The campus itself is overlooking the Cayuga Lake at a high point that grants sweeping views of the lake and the valley beyond. The campus also boasts a 150-acre arboretum.


7. Lewis and Clark, OR:

Lewis and Clark

This 137-acre campus is just minutes away from downtown Portland. It features quaint pathways, stone walls, and native vegetation. Named after famed American pioneers Lewis and Clark, this campus also houses the Frank Manor house, a private historic mansion. All this while you still get to enjoy the beauty of Mount Hood and hikes though Tryon Creek State park. It is history and beauty rolled into one.


6. Sweet Briar College, VA:

Sweet Briar College

Are you a history buff? Well, this college will surely impress you. 21 of the university’s 30 buildings are on the National Historic Registrar. Many of these buildings are also known works of architect Ralph Adams Cram. The historic buildings on campus are enhanced by a stunning green landscape. This, along with the views and the architecture, make the place one of the prettiest college campuses.


5. Scripps College, CA:

Scripps College

Scripps College is an all-girls school that boasts Spanish Colonial-style buildings with matching stucco walls and iron fences that will make you feel like you are miles away in a Mediterranean hideaway. Because of its location in California, this campus is also able to keep a year-round rose garden and fruit trees.


4. Indiana University, IN:

Indiana University

This university features red brick pathways, fabulous architecture, and tons of mature trees on its campus. It also boasts some wonderful historic buildings within the Old Crescent Historic district and one of the best student buildings with its own clock tower. It even has its own museum that houses works of art from the likes of Picasso and Matisse.


3. College of the Atlantic, ME:

College of the Atlantic

The College of the Atlantic is right on the coastline and features farmlands, evergreens, and orchards. This college also has a strong commitment to environmental responsibility as they use 100% recycled papers as well as solar panels for their lighting needs. This is one of the best colleges in USA especially for the environment-conscious.


2. Stanford University, CA:

Stanford University

This 180-acre campus is home to the magnificent Memorial Church which boasts a colorful mosaic facade. In addition to that, this university also houses a coveted collection of 170 bronzes by famous sculptor Auguste Rodin.


1. Swarthmore College, PA:

Swarthmore College

This fabulous Pennsylvania University is a perfect amalgamation of art, architecture, and education. It has acres of green space, about 14000 square feet of rooftop gardens, and encourages social responsibility within its student body.

Its one of a kind outdoor amphitheatre features lawn covered tiers of seats shaded by trees and surrounded by woods. In addition to that, it also has its own rooftop telescope that is also open to the public. Without a doubt, this university greatly values the principles of conservation, architecture, and community engagement.


There you have it! We’ve taken you on a tour inside some of America’s best college campuses. While a solid academic record is vital, it can’t hurt if it comes in a beautiful package.


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