5 Excellent Options in Finding Scholarships for College Sophomores

How many times have you thought of applying for a scholarship but did not have the time to do so? Your circumstances though might have changed since you entered college and now you are looking for scholarships for college sophomores. Even if your parents could afford to pay for your education, it should not deter you from seeking scholarships that could help ease the burden. A scholarship is also an impetus for you to maintain your grades. Getting a good scholarship also increases you chances for better employment later, particularly when you qualify for a prestigious one.

Finding Scholarships for College Sophomores: 5 Options

If you have done some research you’ll find out there are different scholarships available for almost every type of student. It is a matter of looking for the right one, finding out the specific application requirements for each one and preparing for it.

  1. Try the UNCF. If you belong to a low-income family and you’ve maintained your grades at a high level, check out the available scholarships for college sophomores at the UNCF website. There are about 400 scholarships available for 10,000 students. Your school might be a member college of UNCF. See if you could qualify for the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, any of the corporate scholars program or the UNCF/Merck Science Initiative.
  2. Visit Fastweb. Fastweb is one of the nationally recognized websites that provides a good list of available scholarships. The site is full of detailed information and helpful tips for all students seeking scholarships and features several existing and new available scholarships
  3. Sign up with Scholarships.com. Create a profile at Scholarships.com and give as much information about yourself and your course. You’ll be able to match up with the available scholarships within your range, including those students studying overseas. Read about the scholarship contests and sweepstakes for other options aside from the regular sponsorships. The website is very organized and you could search by category, including scholarship trending.
  4. Compare available scholarships. You could do this at the College-Scholarships website. It is developed by the American Educational Guidance Center. Here you are allowed to make side-by-side comparisons of scholarships. Be sure to read their guide for a good insight on seeking available scholarships for college sophomores.
  5. Qualify for scholarships for college sophomores at College Scholarships.org. While College Scholarships provide a list of available scholarships from different institutions and groups, they also provide their own scholarships. Scholarships are categorized, making it easier for you to do your search. You do not need to sign up and create a profile. Just visit their website and go through what’s available. Their list is very diverse and you are sure to find a good scholarship match.

It does not matter if you are already in your second year in college. You could still look for scholarships for college sophomores. Scholarships do not discriminate. The thing to do is look for the ones that match with your college degree and peruse the qualifications thoroughly. Do not overlook the smaller ones, as with the narrower field of applicants, you’ll have better chances.

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