B.A. vs. B.S. Degree Programs: What’s the Difference?

Are you a graduating high school student who is yet to decide which college degree to pursue? Should you secure a degree in Bachelor in Science (BS) or a degree in Bachelor of Arts (BA)?


Before the above questions overwhelm you, there is only one question that you actually have to answer right now:  What do you enjoy doing?


As early as high school, you should start building the foundation of your career by identifying your strongest skills.


Individuals who are fond of the arts such as paintings, sculptures, and music, among others, could consider enrolling in B.A. in Arts and Design or B.A. in Music. On the other hand, those who are articulate and regular contenders in oratorical or extemporaneous speech competitions are more likely to succeed in B.A. English programs.


Meanwhile, kids who love computers and technologies instinctively choose courses that are geared towards numbers or technical terms.


Use your inclination as a guide towards finding the college degree program that is right for you.  The worst thing that you can do to damage your future is to enroll in a college program just because it promises lucrative salary.


To learn more about the different college degree programs that are available in the university of your choice, it is best to understand first the objectives and advantages of Bachelor in Science and Bachelor of Arts courses.



What is a BS Degree?

A Bachelor in Science degree program is more focused on science and mathematics.  Courses that are categorized under this department usually have regular laboratory classes and frequent field assignments.


Some of the common BS courses include Biology, Computer Science, Applied Physics, Engineering, Pharmacy, Accountancy, Nursing, Tourism, Foreign Service, and Journalism.



What is a BA degree?

BA degree means a title bestowed upon an individual who has completed a program under the Bachelor of Arts department of a university.  As a whole, BA courses deal with general education, while each program centers on the core of a specific subject.


College courses that fall under the BA program are Political Science, Behavioral Sciences, English, History, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Literature, Economics, among others.


Graduates of a BA course can land a position in the academe, but many BA degree holders have opted to take up a master’s degree.  Acquiring a master’s degree will give one more advantages at work, thus explaining why many graduates of a four-year course proceed to taking a higher education before applying for a job.

ba vs bs degrees


BA vs. BS: Which Should You Go For?

It is impossible to say which college degree program offers more rewards.  As stated earlier, the only way to succeed in life is to choose a college course that is relevant to your personal inclination.


For instance, if you enroll yourself in Fine Arts even though you know in your heart that your hands are not designed for sketching or painting, you will eventually drop out and waste your parents’ money.


Let’s just say you’re good with numbers and you can easily compute big numeric figures in your head. Don’t you think it is best if you just choose BS Accounting or BS Engineering for college?


Choosing a University

After weighing the pros and cons of BS degree vs. BA degree, the next thing to look at is the school or university where you can take up the course of your choice.


Some universities specialize in courses that will prepare their students for the medical field, while some focus on programs related to media.  It is necessary to choose a school that boasts expertise on subjects that are significant to your chosen course.


Now if these suggestions turn out futile, find time to get in touch with someone whose life and profession you wish to emulate.  Ask him or her to share some pieces of advice that will help you shape your future.  After all, firsthand information from a practitioner is often very useful.


Between a BA vs. BS course, which do you prefer?  We’d love to hear how you will come up with your decision. Best of luck!

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