Top 10 Best Colleges in Indianapolis

College is the most definitive step one takes towards a specific career. When a person wishes to make something out of himself, he pursues a college degree. Since the choice of an educational institution is just as important as choosing the right degree or course, looking into good colleges in Indianapolis is going to be important.


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10. Brown Mackie College

Brown Mackie College, “The Crossroads of America”, is a career-focused college that specializes in healthcare, business, technology and legal studies. They offer the special “one course per month” program for students who are seeking to pursue their education in a controlled pace; and accept readmission or transfer credit enrolments.

Tuition: $18,863 for all residents.



9. Butler University

Those who choose to go to Butler University come out fully imbibed in the “Butler Way”. Founded in 1855, it specializes in liberal arts and offers students the opportunity to pursue any of the 60 majors from their six colleges and to do a study abroad.

Butler University also offers degrees in Business, Communication, Education, Arts and Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

Tuition: $44,968 for all residents.



8. Crossroads Bible College

Crossroads Bible College (CBC) is an accredited institution that offers versatile learning options for students through their online, dual-credit and extended learning programs.

Tuition: $14,090 for all residents.



7. Harrison College

Established in 1902, Harrison College has 11 campuses across the state of Indiana and offers a variety of bachelor’s, associates, diploma and certificate degrees.

There are day, evening and online classes, with classroom set-ups enjoying 16:1 student-to-teacher ratio.

Tuition: $16,485 for all residents.



6. Indiana University – Purdue Indianapolis University

Indiana University is a premier urban public research university that offers as much as 250 different degrees. They specialize in health and life sciences and has been responsible in creating jobs and internships for undergraduates and graduates of their programs.

In the recent years, they have attracted over $400 million in grants and awards for research and boasts over 100 research centers for use of students.

Tuition: $17,221 for residents; $37,679 for non residents.



5. Lincoln College of Technology Indianapolis

Since opening its first campus in New Jersey in 1946, Lincoln has shaped the futures of their students with their accelerated career training programs in Culinary, Automotive, Spa and Cosmetology, Business and Information Technology, Health Sciences and various Skilled Trades. With the Lincoln Edge Program, students are able to properly hone their skills and dedicate their education to true excellence.

Tuition: $22,000 for all residents.



4. Marian University Indianapolis

Known as one of the best schools in Indianapolis, Marian University is a Catholic school with traditions that are deeply rooted to the Franciscan beliefs and values. It offers associates, master’s, bachelor’s and doctoral degrees in Business, Nursing, Education, Liberal Arts and Osteopathic Medicine.

Tuition: $36,960 for all residents.



3. Martin University

A private, not-for-profit institution, Martin University is a student-centered facility that offers degrees in Administration, Biology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, Liberal Arts, Environmental Science, Early Childhood Education, Religious Studies and Psychology.

Tuition: $21,510 for all students.



2. The Art Institute of Indianapolis

For the artistically inclined, The Art Institute of Indianapolis is noted as one of the best colleges in Indianapolis for that very purpose. Part of the Art Institutes found in 50 different locations, the school’s main thrust is to provide personal and hands-on education to students.

Tuition: $27,198 for all residents.



1. University of Indianapolis

University of Indianapolis (Ulndy) is a private, diverse and comprehensive institution with affiliations to the United Methodist Church. It offers 80 undergraduate programs, 27 master’s degree programs and 5 doctoral programs in different fields, with specialization in nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, education, communication and business.

Recent student population is recorded at 5,400 with a student-to-teacher ratio averaging at 13:1.

Tuition: $33,996 for all residents



If you are enrolling this semester and are browsing through colleges in Indianapolis, the institutions mentioned above are worth looking at. Your choice in a school ultimately defines the path you take towards your future. Do not make a mistake on your education.

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