Top 5 Best Physician Assistant Programs in Florida

Interested in becoming a physician assistant? Excellent choice.

Physician assistants (PA) have almost the same responsibilities as doctors, though they work under the supervision of a surgeon or a physician. They can diagnose, treat, counsel and in some cases, prescribe medications for patients.

If you’re looking for physician assistant programs in Florida, then these are the top schools that offer the best programs in your state.


physician assistant programs in florida


1. University of Florida

Program: Master of Physician Assistant Studies

UF has one of the best physician assistant programs in Florida. Its curriculum structure is based on three documents: The National Commission for Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) Blueprint, Competencies of the Physician Assistant and Essentials of an Accredited PA Program. The didactic part of the program covers medical problem-solving and patient diagnosis while the clinical part covers 12 rotations in different medical specialties.

The program takes two years to finish, and is offered full-time. Students are discouraged from getting jobs while attending the program as the curriculum is rigid and needs serious commitment. Tuition and fees are $27, 940 yearly for in-state and $61, 276.84 for out-of-state. Financial Aid is available through scholarships and loans.



2. Nova Southeastern University

Program: Bachelor of Science and Master of Medical Science in Physician Assistant

Nova Southeastern University offers dual admission to the physician assistant program and students will receive their dual degrees of BS and MMS in Physician Assistant. A total of 4 years and 27 months is required to finish the program. If you’re just planning to take the professional degree (MMS), you’ll need to have a Biology degree, a 3.0 GPA and a GRE score not lower than the previous year’s entering class.

Tuition and fees are $24,750 yearly and financial aid is offered in the form of loans, scholarships, grants and veteran benefits.



3. Barry University

Program: Master of Clinical Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies

This private Roman Catholic university in Miami Shores offers one of the best physician assistant programs in Florida. The program can be completed in three years full-time, and all didactic students are required to have their own laptop as the curriculum makes full use of technology for course materials and online tests. The school also offers an elective rotation for students to choose the medical specialty that interests them the most.

Tuition and fees are $31,800 per year and financial aid includes grants, discounts, scholarships and university, state or federal loans.



4. Keiser University

Program: Master of Science in Physician Assistant

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Keiser University is among the most selective schools that offer physician assistant programs in Florida as it admits only 40 students yearly. The program runs for two years, with the didactic part concentrating on the study of specific cases and medical journals. The last year focuses on clinical rotations (both in urban and rural settings) and a required research project.

While tuition and fees are $28,782 per year, the school offers financial aid in the form of federal and state grants, loans and scholarships.



5. Miami Dade College

Program: Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Science, Physician Assistant

Offering an associate degree rather than a master’s, Miami Dade College has one of the most sought-after physician assistant programs in Florida; mainly because the school does not require a BS degree for admission into the program. Nevertheless, getting in isn’t a walk in the park: only 50 students are admitted yearly out of 600 applicants. Admission requirements include completion of science-based and general education classes with sufficient GPAs.

Like every other school in this list, Miami Dade discourages students from getting employment during the two years of completing the program because of the intense course and clinical work. Tuition at MDC costs $25,555.00 for in-state and $50,573.00 for out-of-state. Financial aid includes federal grants, loans and a variety of scholarships.


As of May 2012, Physician assistants were earning an average of $92,460 a year. Job outlook for this profession is also great at 30%, which promises steady employment for PA’s in the next ten years. If you’re located in or near the sunshine state, you should consider these top schools offering the best physician assistant programs in Florida.

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