Business Administration Salary: What You’ll Earn Right After College

Nowadays, people wonder how much Business Administration salary is before they decide to take up the course. The good news is that there are a number of available jobs waiting for BA students. These jobs have a variety of salary options and are helpful to students who want to be in control of their career.


Students who take up this course usually spend four years studying to help them land their potential jobs in the future. Business Administration degree offers students the freedom to choose a specialization. Since there are a number of Business Administration careers available, it is important to focus on a certain area from the get go.


Each BA specialization has a corresponding salary bracket, career ladder, and learning opportunities. Your decision will highly depend on the area that you’re most comfortable with.


Career Options After Graduation

The specializations in a BA degree include accounting, legal studies, finance, management, economics, management information systems, international business, and marketing. Each of these fields has a corresponding compensation package. Here is a brief summary of the available Business Administration jobs and salary across the United States:


Business Administration Salary for Marketing Professionals

One of the most common positions available for marketing professionals is a Public Relations Manager. True to its name, the individual employed for the position is responsible for the over-all publicity of the company. The job often involves writing press releases, pitching stories to media people, and representing the organization.


Salary: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that Public Relations Managers usually earn anywhere between $93,310 and $105,690 annually.


Top Paying States: Delaware, New York, Illinois, Texas and California.



Business Administration Salary for Beginner Accountants

Another job that you should consider, especially if you are fairly good at math, is accountancy. Jobs in this field usually offer huge salary package and benefits.


Even for beginner accountants, they can already expect to earn a sizeable amount of money. Beginner accountants usually work in an office under a typical 40-hour workweek. Their duties may involve payroll, tax services, general ledger, and accounts, among others.


General Accountants Salary

The salary of entry-level general accountants usually depends on the company size. However, small companies that reach up to $25 million annual sales can increase the accountant’s average starting wage from $34,000 to $41,250. For companies that have generated even more sales, the salary can go as high as $38,500 to $47,750 per annum.


Tax Accountants Salary

Compared to general accountants, those who focus on tax services may have a salary of anywhere between $41,250 and $61,250.


Increasing Your Business Administration Salary

Despite the number of available jobs under the field of Business Administration, it always pays to be a step ahead of everyone. One way you can achieve this is to get a Master’s degree under Business Administration.


Through a Master’s degree, you may be able to achieve a sense of fulfillment and confidence in your current job. By doing so, you can also earn respect you’re your peers or colleagues. Ultimately, it can also lead to a potential increase in your salary, giving you more job satisfaction in the process.



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