Top 10 Cheapest Colleges and Universities in America

Education provides a formidable framework for anyone’s future. In school, the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge is obtained so that a person can further himself in society.

Obtaining a good education is important but when it is something you cannot easily afford, information about the cheapest colleges in America becomes helpful:


cheapest colleges in America


10. Berea College


Berea is not only known as one of the country’s cheapest colleges, it is also a college with a strong Christian foundation. It was noted by the Washington Monthly Magazine as the #1 top Liberal Arts College and boasts a nationally recognized labor program that is participated by all students. At BereaCollege, education is free, with each student receiving as much as $20,900 in tuition annually.



9. Brigham Young University


Brigham YoungUniversity is relatively a MormonUniversity that is open for students from other religious backgrounds. Located in Utah, with a branch in Hawaii, students who make a decision to be part of the campus have to be mentally and emotionally prepared to imbibe the Mormon lifestyle of no drinking, no smoking and no sleeping with the opposite sex.

Tuition: $2,145 for Mormons and $4,290 for non-Mormons



8. Bridgewater State University


Bridgewater StateUniversity, by itself, is a high-achiever and expects the same from the teachers, students and staff. Founded in 1840, it boasts a 20:1 student teacher ratio, thus promising better information dissemination, especially with 92% of its teachers holding doctorate or terminal degrees. They offer high-calibre undergraduate and graduate programs that open incredible opportunities to their students.

Tuition: $910 for residents and $7,050 for non-residents



7. Broward College


BrowardCollege, despite being known as one of the cheapest colleges in America, is a comprehensive place of learning; offering Associates and Bachelors Degrees in various fields. They also offer various courses online for those who are unable to comply with the classroom setup and has programs for international students with F1 and M1 student visa status. It is noted as one of the top 10 colleges in WashingtonDC and the one of cheapest colleges in South of Florida.

Tuition: $1,810 for residents



6. Panola College


Established in 1947, PanolaCollege is an award-winning community college in Texas. They offer instructional programs for continuing education, vocational/technical fields, academic transfers, workforce training and development studies. They also offer e-learning options for those who are not able to learn in a classroom setup.


Tuition: $600 for residents and non-residents



5. Reedley College


ReedleyCollege in California offers day, night and weekend classes for the convenience of their students. They offer associate degrees in various fields as well as vocational courses.

Tuition: $1,104 for residents and $6,744 for non-residents



4. Salem State University


SalemStateUniversity, which is located just 15 minutes out of Boston, is one of the largest and cheapest colleges and universities in the country. It has received various accreditations such as All-College Accreditation and Education Unit Accreditation, among others. It continues to excel as an institution with the help of its esteemed staff and students. Established in 1854, they welcome students from all over the country and have an impressive alumni body.

Tuition: $950 for residents and $7,050 for non-residents



3. Sitting Bull College


SittingBullCollege was founded in 1973 and maintains an open admissions policy. It is a perfect institution for college aspirants of Native American origin, because part of the learning experience is embracing a deeper understanding of this fascinating culture and heritage.

Tuition: $3,600 for all residents



2. Shepherd University


ShepherdUniversity is a state-supported institution in West Virginia that was established 130 years ago. Their specialities include courses in teacher education, liberal arts and business administration.

It has received accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission, proving its capacity to provide students with a good future.

Tuition: $350 for residents; $1300 for non-residents



1. Sierra College


Founded in 1936, Sierra College offers students as much as 125 different degrees and certificate programs. They are open for any high school graduate, GED or high school proficiency examination passer. It offers classes online for those who prefer this kind of setup. They are accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior College of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Tuition: $1,104 for residents and $6,144 for non-residents



Not everyone is able to attend college and it is often due to financial issues. Going to college is mostly a luxury now, but this list of cheapest colleges should help bring to life one’s aspiration to attend school.

Who said only the rich can go to college? Attend one of the cheapest colleges in America and make your dreams come true.

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