College Cooking 101: Quick and Easy Meal Ideas for Students

College cooking is as important as reviewing for an exam.  When you get to college, you might move out of your home, away from mom (and her prying eyes), so it is important that you learn to balance study time as well as mealtime.

Forget the idea of chips and cola because this is very bad for your health.  Try these six easy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  


1. French Toast


2 slices wheat bread

1 egg

½ cup of fresh milk

1 tsp brown sugar or vanilla extract

1 tsp chopped hazelnuts or cinnamon powder

1 tsp butter or cooking oil

French Toast + college cooking


  •  Crack the egg into a clean bowl and then beat it.  Pour in the milk and sugar or vanilla extract, and then mix them very well.
  • Put a nonstick pan on a low heat burner.  Brush it with butter or oil.
  • Dip the sides of the sliced bread into the egg, milk and sugar mixture, then place it on the pan.
  • Cook for two minutes or until both sides of the bread have turned golden brown.
  • Sprinkle chopped hazelnuts or cinnamon powder on your French toast and enjoy it with a glass of milk.


            This meal will only cost $0.38 for two slices.



2. Toaster-Baked Pizza


2 pcs. of ready made pizza crust, sliced baguette or any kind of bread

½ cup of instant pizza sauce or tomato sauce

Sliced pepperoni or ham or hotdog

2 slices of mozzarella or melting cheese

Chopped bell pepper, parsley or basil (optional)

Toaster-Baked Pizza + college cooking recipes


  • If you’re using a baguette, cut an inch of it.  Cut as many slices as you plan to eat.
  •  Pre-heat baguette in the oven toaster for 1 ½ minute.
  • Spread tomato or pizza sauce on one side of the baguette and garnish it with meat, cheese and vegetables.
  • Put baguette back into the oven toaster and heat it for seven minutes.
  • Enjoy it with a glass of apple or orange juice.

             This healthy lunch will cost $1.15 per pizza slice.



3. Chicken Pita


1 pc of pita

½ chicken breast

¼ cup hummus or mayonnaise

2 lettuce leaves

1 sliced tomato

salt and pepper

olive oil

Chicken Pita + quick and easy dinner recipes


  •  Season chicken breast with salt and pepper. Brush olive oil on all side of the chicken.
  • Grill or panfry chicken until golden brown. Slice it into thin strips.
  • Spread hummus or mayonnaise on the pita bread.
  • Put the chicken strips, sliced tomato and lettuce into the pita bread.
  • Enjoy with a glass of lemon juice.

             This meal will cost $1.45.  Here are other cost-effective pita recipes.



4. Creamy Scrambled Eggs


3 eggs

1 cup of cheddar or melting cheese

1 tsp butter or cooking oil

¼ cup of milk

salt and pepper

Creamy Scrambled Eggs + quick and easy dinner ideas


  •  Crack the eggs into a bowl, and then whisk them until they turn fluffy.
  •  Add salt and pepper into the eggs.
  •  Pour mixture into a skillet that was brushed with butter or oil.
  • Set stove or burner to low medium heat.
  • Add milk and mix vigorously.
  • Eat with bread or mashed potato.



             It will cost you less than a dollar to prepare this healthy meal.



5. Oatmeal with Fruit


1 cup of quick cooking oatmeal

3 cups of water

1 tsp sugar

¼ cup of fresh milk

Sliced fruit

Oatmeal with Fruit + quick dinner ideas


  •  Mix oatmeal with water
  • Pour mixture into a pan and put it on burner.
  • Set burner to low heat.
  •  Let it simmer, and then add sugar and milk.
  • Let it boil for two minutes.
  • This staple recipe in college cooking goes best with a sliced strawberry, banana or kiwi fruit.

            One bowl will only cost $1.



6. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich


2 slices wheat bread

2 tablespoons of peanut butter

2 tablespoons of honey or maple syrup

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich + College Cooking 101


  •  Toast the bread for three minutes.
  • Spread peanut butter and honey or maple syrup evenly on both slices of bread.
  • Press the slices of bread together gently.
  • Prepare a cup of hot cocoa and you have a complete delicious meal.

            You only need $0.40 to prepare it. 


With some college cooking lessons, most of which offered for free online, you will manage to whip up easy and definitely healthy recipes.

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