College Student Resume: 5 Success Tips You Should Know

A college student resume is an individual’s personal tag or ticket to an aspired position in the industry. It showcases an individual’s professional and educational history so it is important that it is presented perfectly.

On a typical day, an HR personnel receives an overwhelming number of resumes. Take note of these 5 college student resume tips so your personal profile won’t end up in the paper shredder.

college student resume tips


1. Write a brief student resume following a simple format.

Understand that the recipient of your resume may be holding a number of resumes at a time so do not expect them to have the luxury to look into a novel. Keep it short but informative.

A one-page resume may hold all the important information, as long as it is properly planned and written well. Choose a simple, legible font and include your best photograph when necessary.


2. Write generously about your education.

At this point of your professional career, you will only have your education to show off. You can choose to highlight several classes or courses, but only showcase those that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

The resume for a college student will have the educational attainment located at the top of the list, rather than at the bottom. This may showcase any valuable extracurricular activities you have been a part of and if you have grades higher than 3.0, don’t forget to mention them.


3. Offer a good description of all the unrelated jobs you have tried.

Since you are still in College, and have not yet embarked on your real career, the collection of jobs you have tried may showcase an interesting variety. Offering a good description of your functions in each position should help showcase your special skills and talents.

Sure it is going to be amazing if you have job within your chosen field, but if you do not, your resumé should at least prove that you can potentially be a perfect asset for the company you wish to join.

You can include projects, volunteer work, part-time jobs and other relevant activities in your resume. Choose activities that will show valuable skills such as leadership, which will be of true value to your future employers.


4. Highlight your strongest skills.

As an undergraduate, mentioning your skills on your resume is very crucial. Any work-related skills you have should be highlighted in your resume because this will give you a specific edge over all the other applicants. Examples of skills worth mentioning are any language skills you have.

Being fluent in another language is a good asset, especially for multinational companies. So if you are fluent in French, Chinese or some other language, make mention of it as well as other valuable skills such as computer programming, video editing and production, and so forth.


5. Write a compelling summary.

Like a potential top selling novel, you will need a gripping opening to convince skimmers to keep reading. A good opening line engages a reader and the same is true for a resume. Once again, picture your resume in a pile of documents. To ensure that yours stands out, capture readers with a well written summary that highlights your qualifications and objectives.


When you send your college student resume  to a company, you are sending a written version of yourself for them to judge. Make sure that your resume is a good representation of your capabilities and take time to browse through student resume examples before you create yours.







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