Community Service Scholarships

Young people everywhere are making important contributions in their communities that are meant to improve the lives of other people. There are many gifted children who make positive contributions intentionally or unintentionally in different spheres. Apart from the personal fulfillment of doing something positive, these students also stand chances of getting various communities service scholarships and admission to top-tier schools.

Moreover, the experiences that students get through community service initiatives can be vital components in their future careers and will prepare them for future challenges.

Qualifying for Community Service Scholarships

To be eligible for a community service scholarship, you do not need to be of outstanding academic ability or a star in sports. Service to the community can range in different fields from environmental awareness activities to helping the less fortunate. The scholarships are usually awarded after a student’s activities in the community or an act of heroism has been reviewed by a panel set by the scholarship organization.

The scholarships awarded may be related to the community service that a student has taken part in. For example , a student who has been involved in sustainable environmental activities can get a scholarship to study an environment related course at college. This can be a full or partial scholarship that may be renewable based on following a set of agreed conditions.

Types of Community Service Scholarships

Community services scholarships come in different forms. Below are some of the common scholarships you may qualify for:

a)       Youth Awards Scholarships
These scholarships are usually meant for students of a particular age group. The students may be awarded with varying cash amounts for outstanding achievement in social justice advocacy, environmental awareness or other fields set by the scholarship organization. One example of a youth award scholarship is the Brower Youth Awards. This is an annual national award that is given to six outstanding young people who are between 13 to 22 years and live in North America.

b)       Charity Scholarships
Charity scholarships are offered by many organizations all across the country. These scholarships are usually open to youth involved in various community service initiatives and volunteer programs in their communities. The scholarships vary depending on the organization offering them and can include payment of partial or full college tuition fees. There are many websites that list charity scholarships that you may be eligible for.

c)        Leadership Scholarships
Leadership scholarships are also popular community service scholarships that you can take part in. The scholarships are usually meant to reward students who show outstanding leadership skills in different areas. A student is expected to have taken part in an activity in school or the neighborhood where his or her leadership skills contributed positively to a particular initiative. An example of this type of scholarship is the Presidential Freedom Scholarship.

d)       College Scholarships
Most schools and colleges offer different types of scholarships to students who demonstrate exceptional leadership skills. The selection criteria for these scholarships vary and can include academic performance, community service, volunteer initiatives among others. The scholarships are usually meant to subsidize college fees for the students. Check your school’s financial aid publications for more information on available college scholarships.

e)       Non-scholarship Funding Opportunities
Apart from the above funded scholarships, there are also non-scholarship funding opportunities for youth who are involved in community services. A number of organizations offer capital to nonprofit organizations started or managed by young people that are making an impact in the communities where they serve. These organizations can be state funded, private or may be faith based. Examples of non-scholarship funding opportunities include provision of training and consultation to youth nonprofit organizations, provision of software and tools, and helping youth nonprofit organizations in raising funds. Other types of community service scholarships include summer programs, travel, internships and jobs.

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