Crazy Scholarships

Getting a scholarship is every student’s dream. The cost of college tuition can determine whether you will progress with your studies or not. There are so many scholarships available. However, the number of students who need financial aid is way past the scholarships available.

Scholarships are available on different categories, with the main one being academic merit. There are also scholarships that are offered based on region, ethnicity, family income, area of study and so on. Some of the scholarships offered are crazy outright. Unlike the mainstream scholarships, these crazy scholarships are based on different characteristics or hobbies that may be unique to applicants.

Crazy Scholarships

Crazy Scholarships

Types of Crazy Scholarships

Crazy scholarships are rare but they are offered once in a while. Applicants for these scholarships may be required to meet a certain characteristic or be able to do something unusual. Examples of the scholarships include:

a)       Genealogy Scholarships
Organizations like the United Daughters of the Confederacy are known for giving out scholarships to descendants of confederate soldiers who served during the Civil War. These are not merit based scholarships but rather genealogy based. To qualify for the scholarships, trace your family background and find out whether one of your family members participated in the Civil War. The typical cash offered is $1,000. Applicants are usually required to write an essay to get a chance of winning the scholarships.

b)       Home Equipment Scholarships
Over the years, many household equipment manufacturing firms have been giving out scholarships of varied amounts to students based on particular guidelines. For example, the American Fire Sprinkler Association Fires Scholarship requires high school seniors to write an essay about fire sprinkler activities in their areas for a chance to win scholarships. This is one of the easiest scholarships you can win. Before you participate, it is best to carry out research and cover all the points required in the essay.

c)        Hobby Scholarships
Most crazy scholarships come from hobbyists’ organizations that are looking for people interested in improving their hobby skills. The hobbies can be anything; from playing a bagpipe to raising Arabian horses. These scholarships are usually advertised in niche magazines and journals. Also, most hobbyist clubs around the country have information of ongoing or upcoming scholarships that are open to their members. Visit your local hobbyist offices regularly or check the state website for information of available scholarship opportunities.

d)       Extreme Sports Scholarships
If you feel left out by your peers who are getting scholarships to colleges because of their football or basketball prowess, there is also something for you. Scholarships for extreme sports like skateboarding are offered by different skating organization. For example, the Patrick Kerr Scholarship gives scholarships amounting to $8,000 to high schools seniors heading to college. Of course you must have skate boarding skills to participate. Check skating magazines or the organization’s website for information on upcoming scholarships.

e)       Excellence in Other areas
Most students are not A-students in high school. However, this does mean they are not achievers in other areas. There are many students who are excellent leaders and team players and have exceled in other areas apart from academics. If you are such a student, The AXA Foundation Scholarship is perfect for you. Every year, the AXA Foundation gives out scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $25,000 for college. In total, over $1.3 million is handed out every year.

Crazy scholarships are ideal because the main criterion for qualification is not academic prowess but ability, talent or achievement in other areas. Although the scholarships may not be enough to fully cover tuition fee, they can greatly subsidize it.

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