Top 10 Accredited Dental Hygiene Schools in Texas

In reality, many dental hygienists lack first-rate education to provide amazing services to their patients. Thankfully, there are dental hygiene schools in Texas that equip students with the right knowledge, skills and attitude in order to thrive in this competitive industry. Here are 10 of the best accredited dental hygiene schools in Texas you can choose from:


dental hygiene schools in texas


1. Amarillo College

Amarillo College is a community college with superior educational framework for college students.

For those who live in the state, the minimum payment for two hours is $105.00. On the other hand, non-residents are expected to pay $209.00 for up to two hours. All students are required to pay $37.75 to cover student activity, general and technology expenses.

Recently, Cappex Scholarships are offered for Amarillo College students who are exceptional in academic performance and with well-rounded profile in the academe.  These tuition grants are A GPA Is Isn’t Everything, My College Review and No. 1 Cappex Fan.



2. Austin Community College District

For over 40 years, Austin Community College District has provided quality education through its amazing campus, professors and a lot of valuable programs.

Tuition fee per hour is $83.00 while non-Texas residents should prepare $262.00 for payment per hour. It’s a good thing that deserving students have choices of financial grants such as ACC Scholarships, Study Abroad Scholarships, Military-related scholarships and the Student Emergency Fund.



3. Texas A&M Health Service Center

Texas A&M Health Service Center is known for its Student Health Services. As an estimate, each new student should prepare a total of $21,581.00 to pay for tuition, supplies and other related school expenses every year.

There are many scholarship grants for qualified students such as Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students, TAMHSC International Education Scholarship (IES), Air Force Health Professions Scholarship Program and various student loans.



4. Coastal Bend College

Coastal Bend College has incredible on-campus and online courses. It is well-known for its high-quality, affordable and flexible educational programs.

The tuition and basic fees at Coastal Bend College is approximately $9, 282.00 for every academic year. Every semester, the estimated payment is $4,641.00.

In terms of financial aid, students are encouraged to coordinate with the Financial Aid Department of the school to apply for applicable scholarship grants.



5. Blinn College

Blinn College has four campuses in Texas. The school is well-known for its dedicated faculty.

Currently, the institution offers a pay-as-you-go scheme. The approximate tuition fee for an academic year is $1,944.00 for students who are residents of Texas. On the other hand, non-residents are required to pay $3,816. Aside from that, dental hygiene students may also enjoy financial grants such as Fall Scholarships.



6. Del Mar College

If you’re looking for outstanding programs with affordable cost, Del Mar College is one of the best choices. Don’t hesitate to enrol for a course such as Dental Hygiene associate degree to have a brighter future. For three semesters, each district residents should pay $350.00 and out-of-district students should pay $611.00.

The financial aid of the school is classified as grants, scholarships, loans and other government-funded scholarships.



7. El Paso Community College

El Paso Community College has diverse ways to cater to the needs of the students and the community.  For residents of Texas, the estimated tuition fee is $10,812.00. For non-residents, the payment is $12,492.00.

The Financial Aid Office of the academic institution offers grants, loans, scholarships and emergency funds for qualified students.



8. Howard College

Howard College is a two-year community college with remarkable programs. It has served many dental hygienists to improve their knowledge. For students who are residents of Texas, the approximate tuition for an academic year is $8,574.00. On the other hand, non-residents of Texas should pay $10,084.00 for tuition every year. The school is popular with Endowed Scholarships such as Adam Andrews Memorial, Ag Expo, John Bayne Memorial and others.



9. Midwestern State University

As a public liberal arts intuition, the Midwestern State University continues to offer Dental Hygiene program for students. It is popular for its affordable online programs. However, the tuition for on-campus courses is not affordable.

In terms of tuition and fees, in-state students should pay $7,254.00 and out-of-state students are required to pay $9,204.00 per academic year. You can explore the available financial aid packages with the help of the school’s Financial Aid Office.



10. Navarro College

Obviously, Navarro College is in the forefront in terms of health-related academic programs. Since it has an open admission policy, students are free to take courses in a flexible manner.

However, the tuition fees are higher compared to other schools. The tuition for Texas residents is $10.438.00 per year. For non-residents, the payment is $11,758.00 for an academic year. Thankfully, the school offers various scholarships such as The M.C. and Matie Caston Scholarship, Charley Wooten Grant Program and Brilliance Dual Credit Scholarship.


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