EMT Classes: 5 Online Programs For Aspiring Emergency Medical Technicians

Considering being an EMT? Great choice. Emergency Medical Technicians care for the sick and injured in emergency situations by performing medical services on-site and transporting patients to medical facilities.


EMTs earn about $34,370 a year and job outlook for this profession is also great at 33% (much faster than average).  However, if you do not have the time or the money to attend a classroom-based EMT training program then we have an alternative for you: these five institutions offer EMT classes online.


emt classes


1.    UCLA Center for Prehospital Care at the David Geffen School of Medicine

Program: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) – Online Hybrid Course


Overview. The UCLA Center for Prehospital Care offers a hybrid course for EMTs, which means that you’ll get EMT classes online but would have to attend in-person skills and testing sessions.


Online class sessions are an hour-long, and there are interactive lecture modules, computer assignments and electronic textbooks and workbooks. Classes are every Wednesday while exams and skills instruction are Monday nights or  Sundays at your preferred hours.


Tuition. If you pay upfront, it’s $1,495 for 190 hours (approximately 20 weeks) of course duration. If you sign up for easy payment plans, there will be additional charges. Please note that federal scholarships, financial aid and grants are not available for this online hybrid course.



2.    PERCOM Online

Program: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) – Basic Program


Overview. Online EMT classes at PERCOM are self-paced and you could finish the course as quickly as you like. The classes include video lectures and PowerPoint presentations, research exams and homework assignments. There’s also a weekly instructor-student chat to discuss course materials and do interactive scenarios.


At the end of the course, a final exam will be given via a webinar. After successfully completing the online class, you’ll need to pass a 3-day skills practice session at the PERCOM facility in Texas.


Tuition. The basic program costs $1,250 for a 6-month course which includes textbook and clinical skills and fees. If you opt for payment plans, the tuition starts at $1,340. No federal financial aid is available.



3.    Link 2 Life Emergency Training, Inc.

Program: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) – Standard Course


Overview. Online EMT classes in Link 2 Life cover all aspects of medical terminologies, treatment guidelines and basic anatomy and physiology. There’s also an online adaptive testing for quizzes, chapter tests and final exams. After that, you’ll be required to attend the skills portion of the class for actual experience in dealing with patients.


Also, you’ll need to pass the skills examination before taking the certifying exam. Link 2 Life offers packages for the course which includes lodging, vehicle rental and other things.


Tuition. Depending on your choice of package, tuition starts from $1,395 to $2,395 for a 140-hour course. There are also financing plans and tuition options, and they also offer full scholarships for up to three students every calendar year based on merit and financial need.



4.    EMT & FIRE Training Incorporated

Program: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certification Course


Overview. EMT & FIRE offers self-paced online EMT classes accepted for NREMT (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians) Certification. After completing your online coursework, EMT & FIRE will assist you with scheduling time with your local ambulance agency for a ride-along. When you have completed all of these with a final grade of 80% or better, you will be eligible for a scheduled skills week which includes 40 to 50 hours of hands-on professional instruction at Priest Lake, Idaho.


Tuition. $3,495 which includes textbooks, workbooks, exams, meals and lodging during skills week, BP cuff and stethoscope, insurance and others. While there is no federal financial aid available, they are offering payment plans at zero interest but subject to some fees.



5.    Training Division

Program: Emergency Medical Technician – Basic Course


Overview. Training division provides EMT classes online and the hands-on portion of the program takes place at their Texas campus.


Virtual classes follow strict standards and your course will include graded chapter tests, completion of workbooks and assessment exams. Skills week last about 11 days, and Training Division does not allow students to participate if their grades fall below the 80% minimum. Once you pass boot camp and other requirements, you’ll be eligible for the NREMT Certification.


Tuition. $1,000 plus $230 for the textbooks. Other fees may also apply. No federal financial aid available although there are payment options.


Some schools may have prerequisite requirements for students like basic CPR knowledge so it’s best to check with them before paying for enrollment. Although these schools offer EMT classes online, you need to remember that you’ll still have to finish the hands-on portion of your coursework before you could sit in for the NREMT Certification to become a certified EMT.

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