Fun Scholarships For Debating to the Theatre Arts

Scholarships are awarded to students mainly for academic merit, but there are other financial awards for many types of reasons. Fun scholarships are the least known types, but they make up a large portion of the scholarships that are available. Extracurricular activities like high school clubs and sports often lead to students qualifying for specific scholarships. Students gravitate to areas of interest in various clubs while in high school as well as elective courses which allow them to experience a basic understanding of art, cooking, debating, creative writing, biology, math, farming, etc. The student can experience challenges against other students in contests that promote innovation in their subject of interest. These activities help develop well-rounded students who begin to discover what career they should choose by expressing their interests in a particular subject.

Fun Scholarships for the Arts

Art Scholarships can be obtained by students who are talented in drawing, painting, sculpture, graphics or photography. Participating in art contests often leads to students being exposed to opportunities to win fun scholarships in the arts. The student gets to create a project which will not only give him or her self-expression, but could lead to a more affordable college education. The arts include culinary, dance, theater, creative writing, design and music. Scholarships for fashion design, architectural design, graphic and engineering design are awarded to needy and talented students. They range from a few thousand dollars awarded once to annual payments of several thousands per student. Literary awards, another art form are the most prominent types of scholarships. All of these types of scholarships. are provided by schools, corporations, municipalities, newspapers, magazines, private organizations, and many more.

Who Awards Art Scholarships?

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) sponsors an annual scholarship competition for fashion, graphic, visual and interior design, fashion merchandising and digital media arts. Even aspiring footwear designers can earn a scholarship by applying for the Two Ten Footwear Design Scholarship. The Memphis College of Art offers scholarships based on academics and portfolios to talented students. These scholarships can cover full tuition for the entire 4 year period of study. The student’s interest may be the performing arts, which offers a wide variety of scholarships including the Michael Jackson and Rhythm Nations Scholarships awarded to students pursuing the performing arts.

Fun Scholarships for Those Who Love to Cook

A scholarship not often considered by students is a culinary scholarship. High school students who desire a culinary education can aspire to obtain a culinary or pastry arts degree at many culinary institutions. To encourage the pursuit of this type of education, scholarships are plentiful. This field isn’t known for its lavish high paying jobs, so in many cases a scholarship has great appeal compared to student loans. Still the desire to be fulfilled keeps the field full of potential candidates seeking to be the very best chef they can be.

How to Qualify for a Culinary Scholarship?

Students who compete in cooking contests can win an annual scholarship with the American Academy of chefs. The contest offers around $90,000 of awards to 28 students, both undergraduates and professionals seeking to further their careers. Scholarships are offered by many associated organizations like the American Institute of Wine and Food, the American Institute of Baking and the IFT Awards Program, to name a few. The Clark E. DeHaven Scholarship is awarded to 2 students studying in food service for $2000 each. The National Italian American Foundation also offers scholarships to students studying the culinary arts and has a huge budget to assist with thesestudent’s education goals.

Receiving Fun Scholarships for Debating Skills

Some students like the challenge presented by being a part of the debate team, mastering the art of the civilized argument. They enjoy pitting their minds against others and appearing to have a more convincing argument for changing minds to their point of view. This is a fine art in its own right. Many organizations appreciate this skill and talent and award scholarships to students who excel in it. People with this type of ability love the activities and consider to whole exercise fun. The participating student can turn what they consider a fun activity into dollars for their education. A student with debating experience and an interest in forensics can apply for one of the President’s and Salzman-Medica Speech and Debate Scholarships. Hawaii Pacific University offers a debate scholarship as does the world debating website, which provides scholarships to students around the world.

Creative Writing Scholarships

Creative writing takes so many different forms, from technical writing and documentaries, to science fiction, romance and modern-day best-sellers. As such you’ll find a plethora of different writing scholarships offered to students of the craft. Fun scholarships can be earned by expressing yourself as an “oddball writer” with the J.D. Salinger award at Ursinus College. Scholastic awards are frequently offered to students who enter writing contests while in high school. The list of available opportunities is far too numerous to list in this format, but if a student is interested, they should check with a teacher or guidance counselor in their school. Many of the scholarships are awarded annually to the student who wins the contest for his writing. If you attend Hope College you could be awarded up to $10,000 for 4 years, $2500 each year for creative writing.

The Many Options for Fun Scholarships

Sports have traditionally been associated with Fun Scholarships, but the scholarship world is extensive and it is very inclusive. Football, basketball and tennis have now been joined by soccer and golf as possible scholarships athletes can earn. Extracurricular activities other than sports can be transferred into careers, so naturally, the business world wants to encourage the young to pursue their interests in every field that’s growing. Tall people, little people, left-handed people and many other scholarships exist for very peculiar reasons. Do a little research and determine if your unusual quirk makes you eligible for a scholarship.

Fun scholarships exist to be all inclusive for every potential college student. The student may not be an all around scholastic achiever, but if they are artistic, they could still be eligible for a scholarship. They may need to keep their grades at a specific GPA, but if they obtain the scholarship once, usually, it is not forfeited during the initial school year. Students with talents, no matter how obscure should take heart and search the scholarship databases. There probably is a fun scholarship that will provide the much needed assistance desired.

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