10 Ways To Make Money in College Without A Job

Looking for quick ways to make money but your schedule won’t allow you to work part-time jobs? Yes, there are tons of ways to make money out there but let’s be real: Who’s got time for a part-time job?

We’ll teach you creative ways on how to make money in college without you giving up study time. Earn a few bucks for pizza, beer and books of course.

how to make money in college


1.    Sell stuff.


  • Do a garage sale. You probably have a lot of stuff lying around the house that you don’t need. Why not schedule a garage sale? Plan ahead and advertise.


  • Sell on ebay. Vintage items? Classic toys in mint condition? Really old photographs? Used books and other items? There’s a market for that on eBay. Just take a picture of your item, list the item specifications, a few razzle dazzle, and you’re good to go. Also ask to sell other people’s stuff and get a percentage of the sale.


  • Be artsy at Etsy. DIY enthusiast? You can sell those faux vintage earrings, origami décor, crochet dolls and other handmade stuff on Etsy. Listing fee and sales percentage apply.


2.    Sell entertainment.


  • Sing, dance, busk, do magic tricks, mime. Don’t let those talents go to waste. Find an open space to perform on with plenty of foot traffic. Make sure to ask for a license or permission to perform. Don’t forget to set out a tip jar or a hat for tip collection.


3.    Become a freelancer.


  • Write an e-book. Do you have something to teach? Valuable insight? Or maybe you have a knack for storytelling? Sell your e-book on Amazon. It might not earn much at first, but a few dollars will eventually pile up to a considerable amount.


  • Offer services. Freelancing sites like Fiverr and oDesk have short-term projects ranging from Photoshop editing, logo designing, and voice overs to short writing projects. There’s always something for your skill set.


4.    Participate in focus groups.


  • Funded by marketing companies in the name of research, these focus groups pay from $40 up an hour. Once you qualify, you will participate by answering questions about products, services and ideas through group discussion. Get paid for speaking your mind!


5.    Sell your body.


  • Not in the way you might imagine, but by donating blood plasma ($35), sperm ($65), hair ($10-$400) and eggs ($1,000-$8,000). You must be healthy to qualify (even your long tresses, yes). And it is very important to weigh risks involved especially with egg donations.


6.    Participate in clinical medical trials.


  • Be a human guinea pig. Drugs for testing might include those for depression, weight-loss and diabetes. Although trials like these pay well, consider the risks against how much you really stand to earn. Check out which trials you might qualify for.


7.    Become a tutor.


  • Math whiz? Fluent in some other foreign language? Consider becoming a tutor in your school or outside. One of the many ways to make money in college.


8.    Blog and earn.


  • Sure, it might take some time. But you will be making money through affiliate programs, sponsorship and advertising. What could be more fulfilling than getting paid for something you’re passionate about?


9.    Design an app.


  • Who says you need to be tech savvy to join the ranks of app millionaires? Chad Mureta wasn’t, and now he’s worth millions. Create an idea for a useful app and outsource.


10.  Do surveys and reviews.


  • Write online reviews. You can google review sites that pay you for reviews on products and services. Some include website, book and film reviews.


  • Take online surveys. Look for sites that will pay you in cash! After all, this is about how to make money in college without a job, not getting coupons and freebies. So read the fine print to make sure you’ll get paid in cold cash.


The list could go on and on. You can do yard work, babysit, rent your things out (think SnapGoods), sell stock photos and even walk dogs to make money. You just need to be creative!

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