Top 10 Best Study Tips For the GRE Exam

Graduate school is your ticket to a high-paying job.  However, this ticket could be forfeited if you don’t pass the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), a computer-based exam that measures one’s math, verbal, and analytical skills.


Find out how to study for the GRE using these 10 study tips from successful Master’s and PhD degree holders.


how to study for the GRE + study tips


1. Recite your mantra. 

Whether you want to get an executive position or a salary of $80,000 after graduation, it is important to constantly remind yourself of the reason for wanting to pass the GRE.  Turn your goal into your mantra and recite it every day for a minute or two before you start reviewing your lessons.  This will motivate you to focus, and to aim for the highest score in the GRE. 


2. Avoid distractions. 

Turn off your TV and put away all gadgets.  Even your cell phone is a distraction, so you need to advise your friends and family beforehand about your study time.  This way they won’t disturb you with their calls and text messages while you are engrossed in your GRE reviewer.


3.  Perform mental exercises. 

Instead of checking updates on your favorite online game, make time to answer crossword puzzles or Sudoku.  These are brain exercises that will boost your reasoning skills.  Twisting a Rubik’s Cube also helps enhance one’s creativity.  Brain games will train you to think and act on a problem quickly.


4.  Avoid late-night study sessions.

 Most students stay up all night to study for an exam, finish a project, or to write a term paper.  Unfortunately, getting little sleep  will only result to poor grades and a litany of health disorders.  To avoid compromising your health, give yourself ample time to prepare for the GRE.  Ideally, start at least three months before the schedule of the exam.


5. Stick to a strict study routine. 

Procrastination is the key to failure.  Choose an ideal time and place to study, and don’t let other things disrupt your schedule.  This is exactly how to study for the GRE.  If you start to adjust your study time in order to accommodate something else, this will happen constantly and might lead to a failing grade.


6. Use a GRE guide. 

Invest in a GRE study guide because it will help you solve math problems, use proper English grammar, and think analytically.  All these constitute the three-part GRE, so it is necessary to master them.  If you cannot afford a GRE guide, download a free GRE book from the Internet.


7. Download a cheat sheet. 

Although you won’t get the answers to the actual GRE questions from a cheat sheet, it will give you an idea of the test format.  A GRE cheat sheet also gives a clue about the type of questions usually included in the exam.


8. Polish your vocabulary. 

In the verbal section of the GRE you will encounter new words, most of which you neither hear nor speak every day.  Unless you memorize the whole dictionary, enriching your vocabulary is necessary to pass the test.  Reading your dictionary daily and signing up for a free online vocabulary enhancer will no doubt turn you into a wordsmith.


9. Join a study group. 

The Princeton Review gives you the option to join its classroom or online discussions.  However, if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of studying with complete strangers, then create your own study group in school. Consequently, everybody in the group can also freely suggest ways to review for the GRE.


10. Take GRE practice tests. 

Download a free practice test from the Internet and answer it to find out if you are ready to take the actual GRE.  Before answering the sample test questions, read the directions carefully because you will encounter basically the same directions when you take the real GRE.  The score of your practice test will reveal whether or not you have done enough preparation for the upcoming GRE. 


Studying for the GRE entails discipline, time management, and effective study habits.  Can you suggest better ways on how to study for the GRE?




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