International Business Jobs: 5 High-Paying Careers for Internationational Business Majors

With American businesses going global and not just focusing home, international business is in full swing.

If you have an international business major, your training and understanding of both domestic and international business scenes are just what these companies need. We’ve tracked down five of the highest paying international business jobs you might be interested in.


international business jobs


5. Budget Analysts

Budget analysts help institutions organize their finances by developing, analyzing and implementing budgets. These institutions may either be public or private, nonprofit organizations or government agencies.
As a budget analyst, you will monitor the company’s spending. If you’re an international business major, you’ll have more employment opportunities in multinational companies. The job outlook for budget analysts is at 10% (about as fast as average) with employment looking steady for the next ten years and job prospects looking good.


As of May 2012, the mean annual wage for budget analysts is at $72,100 yearly with wages going as high as $103,590. A bachelor’s degree is typically required, although employers may prefer candidates with a master’s degree.



4. Logisticians

If you like working behind the scenes, you may want to consider being a logistician. Logisticians  work with the analysis and coordination of an organization’s supply chain, managing products from acquisition, distribution, allocation to delivery. Their skills lie in making behind-the-scenes tasks seem effortless, with high organizational and analytical skills.


Logisticians are looking at an excellent job outlook at 26% (faster than average) which means that employment will be increasing in the next ten years. With better pay than most jobs, logisticians earn around $75,670 with some wages reaching $112,100 yearly as of May 2012.


Most employers will accept a bachelor’s degree, but most prefer 1-5 years of experience to advance in this field.



3. Management Analysts

Management analysts or consultants are often brought in to improve efficiency and boost profits within an organization. They come up with ways through proposals that efficiently cut costs, increase revenue and improve the company’s profitability.


Management analysts are often travelling to meet with clients, thus, if you are looking to work as one, you should expect to work away from home most of the time. At the rate of 22% (faster than average), the job outlook is positive and looking good for management analysts in the next ten years.


Management analysts enjoy salaries ranging from $88,070 to $142,580 which is more than the earning average. A bachelor’s degree is good but a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation will improve employment prospects. A work experience of 1 to 5 years is usually required for this great-paying job.



2. Financial Analysts

One of the most in-demand international business jobs, financial analysts assess stock, bond and investment performance. They can recommend a good course of action and make predictions about future economic conditions. If you have the desire to guide businesses and individuals in making sound investment decisions, then this job is for you.


Financial analysts are often hired by banks, investment firms and insurance companies.  You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in this field for an entry-level position, but for career advancement, you’ll need a master’s degree.


Financial analysts earn around $89,410 to $148,430 per year with a great job outlook at faster-than-average rate of 23%. Employment opportunities are definitely looking good for financial analysts in the next decade.



1. Personal Financial Advisors

One of the best-paying international business jobs, financial advisors are professionals that give individuals advice on mortgages, investments, insurance, taxes, college and retirement plans and plan. They help manage finances and are usually paid by a flat fee or investment commissions and most are self-employed.


If you want a job that pays well with a flexible time, then this job is perfect. While it’s good to have a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree and certification can help improve chances in this field.


In 2012, the mean annual wage for a personal financial advisor is $90,820 and could reach as much as $187,199. The job outlook is one of the highest at 32% which is much faster than average. Employment prospects for personal financial advisors looks excellent for the next ten years.


These high-paying careers are perfect for business majors looking for international business jobs. In deciding which one to choose, consider the following: the field of business you’re interested in, the kind of job you prefer and your willingness to travel. The first step to your dream career is deciding which one to pursue.

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