Nutritionist Salary: How Much Does A Nutritionist Make?

Some college students and other upcoming freshmen wonder how much a nutritionist salary is to be able to get a better picture out of it. As for most nutritionists, they make a good amount of money from this job depending on the company they are in.

Nutritionists are the ones who develop a set of guideline on which type of food to eat and how much. This will help them recuperate from their  present condition and/or prevent further damage to their body. Nutritionists offer dietary modifications to enable the patients to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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Dietitian VS Nutritionist

Not all nutritionists are dietitians but all dietitians are nutritionist. Dietitians are nutritionists who have passed the licensure examination under the given standards of the state.

Basically, the nutritionist helps to interpret study and make an improved diet depending on the patient’s need. With the rising health problem in the 20th century, their advice and counseling are sought after especially now that people are more health conscious. Gone are the days when nutritionists are only seen in hospitals and food manufacturing/advertising; they are seen even in some citizen’s own home.

Their help is very much needed especially when the individual is affected with a certain food allergy such as gluten intolerance, celiac disease, lactose intolerance and wheat allergy. These are only some of the diseases that they help to manage by enabling patients to refrain from eating the foods that causes allergies.

Now let’s get back to the nutritionist salary, how much do they really make? It depends on what area the nutritionist is in. Here are some types of nutritionist with the corresponding salary they make.


  • Management nutritionist

This type of nutritionist is mostly found in health care facilities like hospitals, hospice, prisons and clinics located inside company premises. They supervise the preparation and planning of each meal.


They are also the one in charge to hire and train food service workers and teach them how to implement the safety standards of sanitary regulations. They are also responsible for budget management for the foods that are needed and other supplies and facilities that should be used.

Management nutritionist salary usually ranges from $60,000 up to $70,000.



  • Consultant Nutritionist

Consultant nutritionists are usually involved in private practices and sometimes are also hired by health care facilities on a contractual basis. They give advices regarding the diet specific for an individual’s condition which can range from cholesterol management and uric acid level reduction to diabetes management and weight loss.

These nutritionists may also be consulted for counseling with regards to sports nutrition, educational programs as well as published write ups for newspapers or magazines. The median nutritionist salary can reach up to $70,000.


  • Clinical Nutritionist

These nutritionists work together with doctors and nurses to be able to assist patients in providing their nutritional needs. They assess, plan and implement the food that the patient will be eating and ensure that they get all the nutrients they need.

Clinical nutritionists gear toward sanitation, safety and weight management. They usually make an annual nutritionist salary of $50,000 to $60,000.


  • Community Nutritionist

These nutritionists are deployed in the community to disseminate information regarding the significance of a balanced diet especially for infants, children, and elderly.

People also seek them to ask for information regarding different practices to help prevent conditions that might arise from improper food handling and nutrient deficiency.

Community Nutritionist salary ranges from $52,000 to $55,000.

Nutritionist salary rates above are based on the data taken from registered nutritionists. These professionals have already  undergone training and successful passed the licensure exam.

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