Scholarships for Current College Students With Low GPA

Do you need financial assistance but only got a low GPA?

It’s a common notion that scholarships for current college students are all about wits and academic excellence.

But even if you have an average or low GPA, you can still win grants by focusing on other areas of interests. Take the following scholarship opportunities as an example:

Scholarships for Current College Students With Low GPA



1. Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes

This is one of the scholarships for current college students focusing on community development and public service. A $2,500 worth of scholarship is given to 25 college folks to help them continue their education in the fields of humanitarian aid and environmental sustainability. This scholarship honors real-life heroes who have made outstanding contributions to the society and inspired the young generation to make a big difference.


2. AXA Achievement  Scholarship

This scholarship requires remarkable personality, a drive to achieve personal goals and the ability to create a positive impact to the community. Ten scholars from 50 states are chosen every year for the $25,000 grant. Former scholars now help depressed countries build farms and wells and initiate literacy and leadership programs. Class ranking and high GPA are not relevant to win this.


3. Charlie Wootan Grant Program

This financial assistance is given to undergraduates who live in Texas and have the ability to strive for the entire college years. Declaration of financial need through the completion of  Free Application for Student Aid is required to qualify. This need-based program is on a first- come, first served basis and grants a total of $4,000 for an academic year.


4. Leonard C. Ball and James H. Bell Scholarship Fund

If you have a penchant for writing but only have a low GPA, this scholarship is recommended for you. This is open to all college undergraduates who are active in union and civic welfare activities. Ten scholars are chosen ever year for a $2,000 grant. Candidates from each college level are encouraged to submit at least a 300-word essay on politics, leadership and education.


5. The Big Dig Scholarship

This is open to all freshmen and sophomore college students. A $3,000 financial aid will be awarded to the winner who can provide an essay about burying a time capsule for the next generation to discover. Criteria are based on content depth and originality.



6. College Scholarship Contest

This is one of scholarships for current college students that award $5,000 for an essay writing winner. All college students are encouraged to join the competition by submitting at least an 800-word article. The topic is about two properties subject to foreclosure and your recommendation on which one shows a more promising investment.


7. CollegeNet Scholarship

If you have the ability to stand out and express what you think in social media then this is your chance of getting a maximum of $5,000 scholarship. College students who want to finish their education but don’t have the financial means can simply enter in any forum and participate in discussions on a myriad of topics. The winner is chosen via the number of votes in the website.


8. CKSF Intern Challenge  

This is open to all college students in all states who want to pursue any course. This financial assistance is sponsored by the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation. You don’t need to have a high GPA to qualify since all you have to do is answer questions. Applicants who get the highest scores in the shortest time period will be chosen.


Hundreds of scholarships for current college students are available online and mostly are merit- based. If your GPA does not meet the requirement, use your strengths and interests on scholarships where you have a favorable chance of winning. So what are you waiting for? Apply now and secure yourself a brighter future.

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