College Exam 101: Top 10 Study Techniques To Ace A Test

Are you looking for study techniques that are guaranteed to help you ace a test? Tests are one of the most important things students have when in college because it sets them up for future.

Your failure and success in an exam defines the future you will have. If you are intent on having a flourishing career, these strategies should be useful:


study techniques for college students


10. Manage your time effectively.

      There are 24 hours in a day and in studying for a big test, you need smart time management.


Plot out a timetable and itemize topics or sections into specific days or times. You can also label every item into priority levels, giving more time to harder topics. Give yourself a schedule to follow and make sure that everything is covered.



9. Give yourself a rest day.


This is most especially true for lengthy revision schedules that go for weeks to months. When plotting your timetable make sure to afford yourself a rest day to go to the spa, watch a movie or read a book for leisure. Let your brain inhale for a while because it will relax and become more prepared for another round of gruelling revision.



8. Avoid cramming.


It does not matter if the results you obtain from cramming are good or bad; cramming a revision only serves the examinee for that moment. Information retention is most likely low compared to when you really give yourself enough time to learn the material. Learning is a process and to do it properly, you have to start from the basics and go from there, so that you build a strong foundation for yourself.



7. Eat brain food.


Apart from owning winner study techniques, you have to be eating food that will enhance brain and body function. Omega-3 fatty acids are the most popular brain food because they carry a brain boost potential that you can really benefit from. Omega-3 fatty acids such as fish, olive oil and nuts combined with various sources of Omega-6 fatty acids are also believed to reduce anxiety that is commonly found on examiners.



6. Switch study locations from time to time.


While some take comfort in frequenting the same study venues because of ambience, amenities and availability of study resources, studies reveal that it is better for one to have alternative places to study because it helps in memory retention.


A person’s memory is coded and colored by location and when you alternate venues you are able to code your revisions accordingly.



5. Learn in chunks.


Instead of learning about the same thing all the time, give yourself a break and cut into different topics or subjects in a single day to help memory recall.


Understand that according to cognitive load theory, your brain runs on a certain bandwidth and once it is exceeded, none is taken in anymore.



4. Stay away from distractions.


Your study techniques should never make room for the sinful social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and so forth. If you ought to go online, make sure to block these sites because it is an awful distraction for learning.



3. Test yourself.


Before the big test, make sure that you have given yourself some time to go through sample tests or old papers. You can time yourself or ask someone to facilitate your mock test, so that you can prepare for the big day and get more familiar with the material.



2. Form a study group.


While it is not exactly encouraged that you study in a group all the time, it is always good for you to organize a group of peers.


Friends often share study techniques that each and everyone can apply on their own. More so, working with a group means being able to share and compare study materials; and people within the group can quiz each other, making learning so much more fun and interesting.



 1. Have a good night’s sleep.


Are you thinking of pulling an all-nighter just to ace your test? Do you know that when the brain lacks sleep its reasoning capacity becomes highly impaired? This means that it will be more difficult for your brain to function and make sound decisions when it is tired, so make sure to give yourself a lot of time to sleep and rest before the big day.


Whether it is an entrance exam or a final exam, success is significant because it points you towards a definite direction in your career. By being equipped with the right study techniques, you are claiming victory and control over your future. Do not face the battle unprepared—be the victorious soldier and be ready with your strongest weapons!


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