Top 10 Best Schools for Nurse Practitioners

The nurse practitioner schools provide essential stepping stone for a successful career in professional nursing. While, anyone with a hospital diploma can begin practice as a Registered Nurse (RN), candidates looking for a bright future must undergo the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from reputable nurse practitioner schools accredited by American Nurses Association (ANA), American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) and other leading organizations.


The nursing sector is growing at an unprecedented rate and according to the National Center for Workforce, more than 800,000 nursing positions will be needed by year 2020. If you are gearing up to join the team of more than 3.1 million registered nurses who bring smiles to the face of millions every day, here’s a list of top nurse practitioner schools you should consider:


1. John Hopkins University School of Nursing is ranked number one when it comes to nurse practitioner schools. The courses at John Hopkins University aim at nurturing healthcare professionals who are driven to provide quality services to individuals locally and around the world. The university posses state-of-the-art infrastructure and provides excellent breeding ground for research.



2. University of California, Los Angles offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. While the Post-Licensure Bachelor’s degree is aimed at enhancing the skills of registered nurses already working in the field, the masteral program is focused on preparing nursing professionals with a Bachelor’s degree for advanced practice.


3. University of Colorado School of Nursing ranks third amongst the nurse practitioner schools. The institute has a prestigious history of being home to the pedigree of nursing professionals. It offers both Undergraduate and Graduate degree courses which help students excel in the profession.


4. Columbia University School of Nursing has many feathers in its cap. Being one of the pioneer nurse practitioner schools in providing health care education, this nursing school of the university was the first school to be recognized by the World Health Organization as a Collaborating Centre for International Nursing Development in Advanced Practice. The university offers both Undergraduate as well as graduate courses in Nursing.


5. University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing is a prestigious Ivy League college and has a research wing which acts as a torch bearer for healthcare practitioners around the globe. This nurse practitioner school offers both undergraduate and graduate programs and maintains high standards when it comes to the quality of education.


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6. University of Wisconsin prides itself as one of the best nurse practitioner schools that offer quality higher education in nursing sector. The programs offered at the university include the PhD, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Master of Science and Bachelor of Science.


7. Emory University is a dream nurse practitioner school of many potential nurses. The institution has a rich legacy of taking healthcare to vulnerable populations around the world. Students can avail the advantages of a world class curriculum along with the Lillian Carter Center for International Nursing (LCCIN) which was founded with a sole aim of serving the needy.


8. University of North Carolina School of Nursing is aimed at creating world class healthcare professionals. The Carolina nurse practitioner school offers various specialization programs such as Family Nurse Practitioner, Paediatric Nurse Practitioner, Health Care Systems, etc.


9. New York University offers unique nurse practitioner programs which is an amalgamation of theory and practice. The course draws on theoretical aspect of nursing and believes in putting it into actual clinical practice. The liberal arts based education approach helps students to pursue courses in higher education in the best medical centers.


10. Duke University School of Nursing is the last one on our top nursing practitioner schools list. It has a top notch healthcare course which keeps abreast with the rapidly changing nursing care sector and empowers its students with the knowledge to keep up with the latest discoveries in medical arena. University offers both BSN and MSN courses.


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