Top 10 Marine Biology Colleges and Universities in the US

Marine biology is the study of all living organisms in the ocean or other bodies of water and their relation to the environment.  This also includes microscopic forms not just dolphins and whales.

Marine biology may not sound as interesting to many, but it is an important course program considering 70% percent of the earth is mostly water and a huge number of life form lives in it.

Moreover, a person who studies in any of the marine biology colleges will be taken into many career possibilities since marine biology is not limited to one program of focus.  It covers disciplines such as oceanography, zoology, ecology, science of marine conservation, molecular biology, just to name a few.

Thus, anybody who is interested to become a marine biologist is encouraged to choose the best schools in the country that offer a marine biology program.


Marine Biology Colleges

Top 10 Marine Biology Colleges and Universities in the US

Here’s your top 10 list of marine biology schools:


10. Harvard University

 Location: Cambridge, Ma

Ranks no. 2 in the US News and World Report Best Universities of 2014.  Their marine biology courses are offered by the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology with subjects such as Biological Oceanography, Marine Biology, Biology and Evolution of Invertebrate Animals and many others.

They also conduct researches in biological marine systems that give a great influence on the marine life evolution. The university also offers graduate program options to those who want to pursue research and a higher education.  The university grants scholarships and financial aids based on the students’ need including the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Federal Pell Grant and the Gilbert Grant.


9. Cornell University

Location:  Ithaca, NY

Ranks No. 16 in the Best Universities for 2014.  The school offers major and minor courses in marine biology.  They also provide a home study program for the course.  Students enrolled in the program are also given the chance to work on Shoals Marine Laboratory at Appledore Island.  The internship program is paid by the facility.

Available scholarship grants are the Cornell Grants and Scholarships, Pell Grant and the SEOG,  and the New York State Tuition Assistance Program among others.


8. The University of Miami

Location: Coral Gables, FL

Marine Science and Meteorology and Marine Affairs are undergraduate fundamental courses in the University of Miami.  These programs prepare a students for a master’s program in the Rosenstiels School of Marines and Atmospheric Science, the largest oceanographic foundation in the US.

Aside from federal scholarship loans and grants, the University also offers other master’s scholarship program.


7. University of California

Location: Berkeley

Ranks no. 20 in the Best Universities of 2014, UCB offers Marine Science Program through its Departments of Integrative Biology and Earth and Planetary Science.  Their program course is not only a solid foundation for a graduate study program, but also as a great training ground for marine biologists and researchers.

UCB offers major and minor studies in six areas of specialization including Marine Science. At present, the institution conducts extensive researches exploring environmental topics such as erosion and pollution that can bring a great effect on marine ecosystem.


6. University of California

Location: Santa Barbara

Through its Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, this university offers a highly disciplined marine science program.  Moreover, the school boasts of their Marine Science Institute that offers extensive research opportunities to undergraduate and graduate study students in marine science.

Their researches are making a great impact on environmental issues such as climate change. USCB provides many scholarship grants including Departmental scholarship, Alumni Association Scholarship and other private assistance.


5. Duke University

 Location: Durham, NC

Ranks No. 7 in the Best National Universities for 2014. The undergraduate program of the university is geared towards understanding human perspectives as agents in developing tools and techniques for marine conservation.


4. Boston University

Location: Boston, MA

The university through its BUMP (Boston University Marine Program) has its core studies of Marine Biology together with interdisciplinary subjects of biology, biogeochemistry, marine geology and physical oceanography.  It also provides rigorous training and extensive research as part of their curriculum.


3. College of Charleston

Location: Charleston

The college offers both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in marine biology.  Their program course covers many topics such as cell biology, ecology, and marine genomics.  Their master’s program requires a minimum of 30 hours of field work, a thesis and defense.


2. Texas A & M

Location: College Station, Texas

The Marine Biology Department of Texas A & M centers its main program in the marine ecosystem and provides five areas of concentration: oceanography, fisheries, biodiversity, marine mammals, aquatic health in relation to human health, and the wetlands.

The university provides field work to all students for the conservation of ecosystem.  Their graduate program is a great tool in research of biological medicine and conservation of the ecosystem.


1. University of Washington

Location: Seattle, WA

The university offers marine biology programs with majors in Aquatic and Fisheries Science, Biology and Oceanography.  All major and minor marine biology students in the university undergo hands-on training with special courses from the Marine Biology Community for the exploration of marine habitat.

If you are really keen to study marine science, check out all your options in the above marine biology colleges and universities.  Not only will you gain knowledge of the marine ecosystem, you will also embark on a mission to save planet earth.

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