Top 10 Accredited Ultrasound Technician Schools In Pennsylvania

There are undergraduate courses that have been proven beneficial in society such as technological programs and continuing courses. One of these technological programs is the ultrasound technician course.

The following are the top 10 accredited ultrasound technician schools in Pennsylvania that you can choose from:


ultrasound technician schools in pa


1. Community College of Allegheny County

The Community College of Allegheny County is known for its highly qualified faculty that train students in the best way possible.

In terms of tuition, residents of the country should pay $ $95.50 per credit. On the other hand, non-residents should pay $191 per credit. The school has allowed applicable federal grants, local aid, institutional grants and student loans.



2. Harrisburg Area Community College-Harrisburg

The Harrisburg Area Community College-Harrisburg has offered ultrasound technician course for those who want to become ultrasound technologists. It is known for preparing students to build the logistics industry and strengthen health care services.

In terms of tuition, sponsored in-state residents should pay $176.50 per credit. On the other hand, non-state residents with sponsors should pay $345.50. The students can choose from two types of scholarships: the HACC Scholarships and grants from other agencies.



3. Great Lakes Institute of Technology

For those who are looking for a school that offers ultrasound technician course, don’t forget to research about Great Lakes Institute of Technology. The institution has trained many allied health students and professionals through the years.

In terms of tuition, aspiring students should prepare at least $18,000 for an academic year. Don’t hesitate to contact the school’s Financial Aid Office to know more about their scholarship grants.



4. Lackawanna College

Lackawanna College is a school that prioritizes high quality education in the field of medical training, including ultrasound technician program. The school is well-known for its first-class education and top-notch student support service.

In terms of tuition, the school has a flat fee of $6,240 per semester for 12-18 credits. Lackawanna College has offered many scholarship programs such as Academic Achievement Scholarship, William R. Fitzsimmons Scholarship, Follett Legacy Scholarship, Lackawanna College Community Opportunity Scholarship, Lackawanna College Family Scholarship, Jane MacKenzie Scholarship and others.



5. Misericordia University

The Misericordia University is a co-educational Catholic institution. The academic priorities of the school are liberal arts, professional and pre-professional courses. The tuition for a full-time course with 12-17 credits is $13,335.00. The institution offers many scholarships such as Presidential Scholarships, Transfer Scholarship and Legacy Scholarship.



6. Northampton County Area Community College

Many students who want to take up Ultrasound Technology course choose Northampton County Area Community College because the school has impressive track record in providing extensive academic programs. In terms of tuition, the total amount per credit is approximately $400. It includes all-inclusive rate, technology payment and capital outlay fee. Don’t forget to take advantage of the Cappex Scholarships before enrolling in the school.



7. South Hills School of Business & Technology

For students who want to be an ultrasound technologist, enrolling at South Hills School of Business & Technology is a remarkable idea. The mission of the school is geared towards providing high quality technological courses. In terms of tuition payment, the expenses per student every year is approximately $ 25,261. There are four scholarships offered by the school. Don’t hesitate to contact the Financial Aid Office of the institution for complete information.



8. Thomas Jefferson University

The Thomas Jefferson University is well-known for its hospital that cares for patients and houses trainings for its students. Ultrasound Technology students can take advantage of this school facility.

The tuition fee is approximately $36,950 every year. The school offers amazing scholarship awards such as Donor Scholarships, Dean’s Merit Scholarships and Academic Merit Scholarships.



9. Sanford-Brown Institute in Pittsburgh on Seventh

For remarkable health care trainings, one of the best choices is Sanford-Brown Institute in Pittsburgh on Seventh. The total amount of tuition fee is $19,123 per year. The institution also accepts federal grants application.



10. Sanford-Brown Institute in Trevose

Before applying for enrolment at Sanford-Brown Institute in Trevose, make sure you already have the necessary requirements of your chosen course. The school representatives are going to thoroughly evaluate your application.

The annual academic cost of the institution is $22,236. Don’t forget to contact the Financial Aid Office to know the complete details about scholarships.


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