Weird College Scholarships Almost Any Person Can Obtain

Winning a scholarship often requires major academic capability, athletic talent, or a soaring test score. However, there are weird college scholarships granted to students with great potential for educational success. If you have a creative mind, you just might pass a scholarship application. Just like a typical scholarship contest, only applicants that stand out in the crowd get chosen. Combining your talents with a strong interest in gaining knowledge, you are likely to find yourself getting a college scholarship.

How to Qualify for an Unusual Scholarship Program

If you have special talents, abilities, and interests including art and writing, you can apply for a variety of bizarre scholarship opportunities. Weird scholarship programs mostly seek out learners who have spent most of their lives being notable students. Those with skills and hobbies that have helped them earn school-wide credits and recognition often qualify for scholarship programs. Free money for studies are abound for learners with a penchant for odd pursuits. There are actually hundreds of wild and wacky scholarships out there. All you have to do is submit an application.

Most Prominent Weird College Scholarships

Applying for regular scholarships can be daunting. They have strict guidelines with their admission requirements that get tougher as the whole process ensues. The good thing is that there are unusual scholarship programs which provide more than your typical options to help out those with financial problems. These are so odd that anyone can get an approval if they meet the prerequisites. Different organizations are drawn in to aid worthy students.

One of the top extraordinary college scholarships includes the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship. This is a grant that entails tuition fees and housing if applicable to the candidate in the Evans Scholarship House. The applicants should be a caddie with a passion to learn, with great character, and have a financial need. If you have been a caddie for at least two years at a WGA-connected club, you just might qualify for this scholarship. Also, your average must be above B in preparatory classes for college.

If you are innovative and creative, you can apply for a Kor Memorial Scholarship. It is not required that you know constructed languages such as Klingon as long as you are imaginative and resourceful. Qualified applicants will be given a $500 award whether he or she may be a graduate or an undergraduate student. Deadline of submission of application is on June 1st of every year. You are required to be a full time student and should be pursuing a degree in a language field.

More Out-of-The-Ordinary Scholarship Grants

If you are someone who needs to duck whenever you enter doorways, it is possible that you will qualify for the Tall Clubs International Scholarship. This obscure scholarship requires the male applicants to be at least 6’2’ in height. Women are also accepted but they should be at least 5’10”. Apart from your height, there is another precondition that may also strike you as strange. You have to write a straightforward essay with the title “What Being Tall Means to Me.” Submit the composition and you could be the next recipient of this scholarship worth $1,000.

You do not have to feel bad if you are short. The opposite of a tall scholarship is here. This not only focuses on short people but also provides $1,000 worth of scholarship money. This is funded by the Little People of America. Applications start in early January. You should submit your proposal before the end of April particularly on the 22nd day of the month. Those diagnosed with dwarfism are more than welcome to apply.

If you are left handed, it may not be too pleasant to live in a world where right handed people are dominant. This does not matter anymore because you can actually get a scholarship just so you write with your left hand. All you need to do is to visit the Juniata College located in Huntington, Pennsylvania. They give $1,000 each year to two students that are left handed. This scholarship program is now known as the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship. If you are adept at talking to ducks, you just might win in the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Scholarship’s Duck Calling Contest. This competition is open to anyone who is a senior in high school anywhere in the United States. The scholarship can be used to advance the winner’s education no matter what the field of study is. It is important that you abide by the rules of the contest. To win, you should be able to call, feed, make the duck return, and begin mating. All four calls should be done within 90 seconds. The first prize winner is awarded with $2,000 worth of scholarship.

Milk is not only good for the body but also for the budget. If you are extremely good in academics, athletics, and community service, you could potentially get a scholarship. This is given by the Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year or SAMMY. The catch is that you should excel in wearing a milk mustache. There will be 25 winners who will be awarded with a huge prize of $7,500 worth of scholarship funds. High school seniors are encouraged to apply provided that they have a 3.20 GPA or above.

If you like skateboarding, you can apply for the Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship. You should be a citizen of the United States and are planning to enroll in an undergraduate course. You should have at least 2.5 GPA to qualify. Skateboarders are welcome but it does not mean you have to be good at this sport. If you promote skateboarding in your neighborhood, you will be given special consideration. You also have to submit an essay about how this activity changed your life in a positive way.

These are just some of the unusual scholarships that you can apply for. Almost anyone can get the financial help that they need by simply knowing the conditions or the requirements of the grants. If you have trouble paying for higher education, let these weird college scholarships give you the financial support you need.

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