Weird Scholarships For Girls Make College Possible

Weird scholarships for girls make college possible. Young women of all walks of life can go to college. Unique scholarships will give them a boost. It is a matter of finding them. Research is the answer.

Scholarships Aren’t Only for Jocks or Nerds

Girls may think the door to scholarships is closed for them. They think sports and top grades are the only answer. However, there are loads of scholarships available. A scholarship could happen for a girl who is unique. Heritage may be a reason to get a scholarship. Someone’s genes might be the ticket. Keep an open mind when on the hunt for scholarships.

Genetics Mean Weird Scholarships for Girls

Believe it or not but genes matter. Several colleges offer a deal for twins. If twin sisters attend together, they can get a break. Some offer half off for one sister. Another college lets one twin have a free ride! Other places offer half off for both girls. There is potential for triplets, quadruplets, and so on. The next time twins are scouting colleges, ask about scholarships. They’ll be surprised at what they find. It can’t hurt to try. Genetics comes in to play regarding height as well. There are scholarships for very tall people. Girls have to be at least 5’10”. On the flip side, short scholarships are out there too. Women who are 4’10” or shorter qualify. Girls who are midgets can earn scholarships as well. Little People of America awards money. The Billy Barton Foundation also offers scholarships of over $1000 for little people. Another tie with genes is a girl’s last name. The name they were born with may get them money. Girls should google their last name and find out.

Make Something Unsual

Girls who are creative may have an in. There are scholarships offered for those who can knit. The American Sheep Industry Association sponsors the scholarship. Women participate in a “Make it with Wool” contest. The best creations win. Duck Brand Duct Tape goes to a new level of weird. They do a contest at the prom. Girls must make their prom dress and accessories out of duct tape. Talk about creative advertising!

Nudists Can Get Weird Scholarships for Girls

The American Nudist Research Library gives nudists a hand. For girls with at least 3 years in a nudist organization, this is a money maker. This is definitely not the regular approach to scholarships. However, there are nudist colonies out there. Girls who are involved should look into the scholarship. Girls who aren’t involved might start their own club three years before graduation!

Healthy Eating Can Earn Girls Money

For any of those vegetarians out there, healthy eating may help girls on a ride to college. Thanks to the Vegetarian Resource Group, $10,000 is up for grabs for one lucky winner. A veggie girl could be a big winner. The SAMMY Award also aims healthy habits. Its sponsored by Body By Milk. Students need to wear a good milk mustache and write about the benefits of milk. It goes to students who are good at sports, academics, and community involvement. However, the connection with milk is the key.

Hang 10, Surf’s Up! Grab a Board!

Believe it or not, surfer girls can get money for college. The Surfider Foundation awards $2000 to undergraduate students. Graduate students can earn as much as $3000. The Buddy Pelletier Surfing Foundation awards $1000 to surfers from the East Coast. Girls who can ride a skateboard could win too. The Patrick Kerr Skateboard Grant is a possibility.

Think Outside the Box for Weird Scholarships for Girls

How about girls who like to bake? The Culinary Institute of America gives out $25,000 for the best apple pie. They offer the All-American Apple Pie Recipe Baking Constest. The American Association of Candy Technologists is looking for creative candy makers. The Dr. Seuss Scholarship is for $10,000 and a creative artwork based on a Dr. Seuss book. College is awarding $10,000 for awesome bloggers.

How About Hair?

Girls need to take a look at those tresses. Their hair may help pay for college. awards $250 to redheads. It is not a lot of money but scholarships add up. Applicants must be natural redheads so don’t grab a box of color. Those interested must have at least a 2.0 GPA which is not overly demanding. They must also explain how being a redhead is significant. awards money for those with black hair. This is for African-American students. African-American girls could earn $1000. They must right a winning essay related to their hair.

Think Bewitched for Weird Scholarships for Girls

Wiccans and Pagan groups are out there looking for like-minded individuals. Girls who practice these philosophies could pay their way to college a little at a time. Groups offer $1000 and more for those who are aspiring members. Any girl with a budding interest should check it out.

What if You’re Broke?

The Alice Carver Ratchford for Girls scholarship wants to help girls with little money. If a girl lives on campus, has no transportation, and little money, she could qualify. She must not have married yet either. Berea College in Kentucky is actually tuition free, an excellent place for the girl without money. They also offer work study programs to help pay for books, room and board. The Alice Lloyd College is also in Kentucky and gives free tuition to students from counties in the Central Appalachian area. They will earn their way with weekly work on campus. For girls from this region and little pocket money, this is a great place to start. These are only a few options available. When a girl takes the time to look, she could earn enough to pay for college. Sit down with a piece of paper and pen. Make a list of what is out there. Add up the possibilities. Weird scholarships for girls are there for the taking for those who do the work.

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