Jop Opportunities: 10 Careers That Are In Demand Right Now

Wondering what careers are in demand right now? This list will get you started.

What you choose to pursue after graduation may define your life’s direction. Therefore, it is necessary for students to choose their career destination with utmost care.

Career decisions are often influenced by personal interest, skill, family or friends, and the current demand within a certain industry. But if you’re running out of ideas, here are today’s top 10 in-demand careers worth considering:

what careers are in demand 2013


1. Accountants and Auditors.

Accountants and auditors study finances to be able to identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Their average salary has climbed up to as much as $60,000 with a 3% increase in new jobs reported since 2010.


2.  Dentists.

Smiles never go out of style. Therefore, the demand for dentists has increased and is still expected to grow for the next couple of years. Average dentists earn as much as $60,000.


3.  Gaming Managers.

As casinos continue to flourish all over the world, gaming managers have also been in-demand in the industry today. Casinos are sprouting like mushrooms and as gaming manager, you will be the authority on the casino floor, making sure that cheaters are caught and VIP players get what they deserve. Average compensation package for gaming managers is estimated to be $70,000.


4.  Marketing Specialists and Market Research Analysts.

The role of marketing has greatly expanded, especially with the rise of internet marketing. Since 2010, thirty-one thousand jobs have been created for this industry and this number continues to increase as more people embrace the value of marketing strategies in achieving business growth.


5.  Mechanical Engineers.

Of all engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering is the most respected. It is also the oldest discipline and it has enjoyed a 6% rise in demand since 2010, creating as much as thirteen thousand new jobs.


6.   Multimedia Artists.

If you are gifted with the skill to bring imaginations to life through digital illustrations, you can pursue a career as a multimedia artist and work in film, animation, design, or advertising, Average take-home pay can be as much as $80,000.


7.  Pharmacists.

A pharmacist can potentially earn as much as $100,000. Although some can choose to work in a specific setting, pharmacists, in general, may be required to work in the laboratory and in contact with patients.


8. Physicians.

Due to the scope of their work, doctors will always be an in demand. In fact, the need for competent physicians is expected to meet a 21% increase within the next couple of years.


9.  Registered Nurses.

The healthcare system will always be in demand as baby boomers are set to enjoy longer life span. And with an average salary of $65,000 and an unemployment rate as low as 2%, registered nurses are still considered as one of the most sought-after and lucrative professions in the US.


10.  Software Developers.

The world is in a very prominent computer age. For this reason, the demand for software developers has increased dramatically in recent years (7% growth since 2010). A typical software developer can receive a salary as large as $90,000 according to recent statistics.


Knowing what careers are in demand is a very useful weapon because such awareness gives perfect direction. Pursue one of the top careers in this list and you’ll be one step ahead of other job seekers.


It doesn’t not matter whether you’re targeting top health careers or positions in other industries. As long as you know your passion and how to make it in line with the current market demands, rest assured that you’ll be on your way to job and income stability.


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