Where to Find Scholarships for College Students?

Getting a college education is very expensive. At times, it could be too much of a burden for parents and students as well. Luckily, there are several colleges, universities, foundations, philanthropic organizations and government and private units that are provide solutions to the problem of finding scholarships for college students.

Scholarships for College Students: Where to look

Whether you want to study in the U.S. or want to try a different school environment abroad, several institutions are available for you to find scholarships. It is just a matter of where to look.

  1.  Scholarships Development. The website provides a listing of scholarships available internationally, geared more for people from developing countries. Scholarships from different fields of study are available, from training, undergraduate, masters and PhDs. You’ll find scholarship from schools in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia and Asia. Requirements are dependent of the school of your choice. Free subscription to the site is available so you could receive regular updates.
  2. Scholarships4Students. The list in Scholarships4Students is different. The scholarships listed here are from various entities, individuals and companies such as Disney, Dr. Pepper and ASTA Alaska Airlines. Scholarships vary from money grants to prize money for writing essays. Most scholarships are for college students enrolled in any field of study. It includes the type of scholarship available, the amount of scholarship fund, how many are qualified and deadlines.
  3. Scholarships.com. At Scholarships.com you would find a list of available scholarships by grade level, by major, by state and by type. There are also several guides such as for applying for grants, student loans and federal aid. You would also learn the whole process of getting financial aid. Here you are required to sign up and create your profile. Their system will match you up with the scholarships where you are eligible. The service is free.
  4. Fastweb. Searching for scholarships for college students could be easier when your search is targeted. Here at the Fastweb website you’ll find the list of available scholarships from different institutions with the amount of scholarship available and the deadline. Links are provided. The site also provides a directory of scholarships for the military, by ethnicity, by school year, honor, by race and unique situations (adopted, bilingual, orphans, with single parent or from foster home).

Additional tips when searching for scholarships

As you make your search, what you need to understand is that you also have to check and verify each one. You should make a list of your target schools and check if these have available scholarships before you look for other sources, such as private scholarships. At Education Portal an article discusses the various scholarship categories available that are worth exploring, with an explanation of what the scholarship is about, the amount involved. You will know the difference among federal grants, general scholarships, and scholarships by demographics or by major.

Be discerning when looking for scholarships for college students. Make a list of those that are close to your target, your major and the requirements before filling up the application form.

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