Top 10 Accredited X Ray Tech Schools in New York City

A radiograph is complicated medical equipment that provides a three-dimensional picture of a specific body part.

Qualified healthcare professionals called x ray technicians are trained to handle this kind of equipment. For one to gain the knowledge in machine handling and patient safety, a certification from any known x ray tech schools in the country is needed.

If you are an aspiring x ray tech from New York, however, the following x ray technician schools should be on your list.

x ray tech schools in ny


1. New York CityCollege of Technology

The New York City College of Technology offers various degrees in radiation technology including an associate’s and a bachelor’s degree, as well as a number of related courses. It is a public institution, offering a 4-year course with an acceptance rate of only 77% and a retention rate of 74% on full-time students.


2. St. Elizabeth Medical Center School of Radiography 

St. Elizabeth Medical Center School of Radiography is a private non-profit institution that specializes in radiography. The school is rather small, with a student population of nineteen; and a student teacher ratio of just 5:1. This means that students can enjoy something that is truly hands on. Information is closely shared between students and teachers so there is so much room to grow and become the expert you wish to be.


3. St. John’s University 

Radiation Technology is ordinarily a two-year degree but the program in St. John’s University is designed as a four-year course for students under a part-time arrangement.

The institution is a private non-profit university with a large population of over 18,000. Despite the size, radiation tech students can enjoy an 18:1 student-teacher ratio in classrooms. Apart from normal two-year and four-year degrees, St. John’s University also offers an Associate, Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree as well as a Post-Graduate Certificate.


4. Monroe Community College

The radiation technology course offered in MonroeCommunity College is presented as a two-year degree. Located in the suburb, this is an ideal school for those who are looking to gain certification in the quieter part of the State. It is a fairly large campus with a population of 18,000 and a classroom population that boasts a 26:1 student-teacher ratio.


5. American Institute of Medical Sciences & Education

This private school offers a two-year program for those aspiring to become a radiation technician. The school is quite small, with only 60 people in the campus, and classes that have an 11:1 student-teacher ratio.


6. St. Joseph’s Medical Center School of Radiography

St. Joseph’s Medical Center School of Radiography is a private non-profit institution that offers a two-year degree for radiation tech. The campus is very small, with classes held at a 2:1 student teacher ratio, so students can really enjoy a very intimate learning environment.


7. Manhattan College

ManhattanCollege offers a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree for radiation technology as a four-year course. The college is a private non-profit institution, with only a 3,000 student population and a 13:1 student teacher ratio.


8. Adirondack Community College

Adirondack is a public institution that offers an Associate’s Degree in radiation technology. It has a rural campus setting with a very small population. The campus has a total population of over 3,000 and a classroom enjoying a convenient 19:1 student-teacher ratio.


9. Broome Community College

BroomeCommunity College is a public institution located in the suburbs of New York. It is a mid-size campus welcoming a population of over 6,000 and a classroom enjoying a 21:1 student-teacher ratio.


10. Bronx Community College

The Bronx Community is a public institution that offers an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Radiation Technology. The campus boasts a population of 10,000. Despite this, classes are set at an 18:1 student-teacher ratio. The school follows an open admissions policy in the course but there is a low retention rate of 50% for full-time students.


X ray technicians take their part in solving medical puzzles and their role in the medical field is very important. The course is a two-year degree program. In the two years, the student masters his craft that enables him to serve in the medical field.


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